Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trying to Keep Up

As a “leading edge” Baby Boomer I am part of group with mixed feelings about technology and change. I know some who have decided that computers are too hard and plane travel to too exhausting. So, why not just blow off the whole technology thing and spend my golden years in a state of unfrustrated bliss waiting for the final sunset? Do I really need to be spending precious minutes to reset network settings, de-frag, and reboot? I simply cannot stand being left out! I had to have a transistor radio and learn to drive when I was 15, and I am that same person today. So I have my laptop, my iPhone, my iPad, and various cool accessories. And I am going around giving speeches about “apps. “ I have heard people talking about these 3-D printers, and I guess I just thought they would take some plastic stuff like modeling clay and turn it into a replica of something or another. That didn’t sound particularly appealing. Then yesterday I read that they can actually make parts out of different materials. There is a video on the Web where someone actually downloaded a bicycle. And I heard that it is possible to download replacement body parts – including major organs. I bet this is a case where the cartridges cost way more than the printer – though that is nothing new! But WOW! What a concept – almost science fiction. The other day, I got to go ahead in the TSA line, and the guard called me “dearie.” Two other people also got to go ahead and they were women about my age or a bit older. I was concerned that the three of us had been selected for a special full body cavity search, having read about the TSA crackdown on elderly women, some of whom are wearing Depends when going through security. So I put on my most professional and sprightly air, and quickly did the shoe, jacket, belt removal dance, while deftly putting my laptop in a bin, stuffing my driver’s license into my wallet, and presenting myself, feet on yellow outlines, ready for the scanner. There were no signs of hesitation and confusion. I walked calmly into the scanner, put my hands over my head, and seconds later emerged. What I was not prepared for was the applause I received from the TSA guy. He said it was because I had no metal. I think it was because I pulled it off! If I do say so myself, I got through that line as well as any 21 year old, and they were all still waiting in line. So many changes…so fast! But I love the pace and can’t see myself ever being without the toys of the Information Age. Nor can I see myself giving up on air travel! I resolve to keep going and keep my brain engaged. The alternative is too scary!

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